Time-saving, friendly, smart personal assistant for all your daily service booking needs. It will learn and adjust according to your life pattern. Sounds good right? Yes! EasyBot is the perfect friend who makes your life easier.

So, what are you waiting for?

About EasyBooking

EasyBooking was established in 2016 by three friends who shared an idea that people were wasting a lot of time in queues and trying to do everything in their busy schedule. Leaving their past careers behind and being bold enough to start up their own business, they started working on an application that allows people to book appointments on the go, the three co-founders began to combine their experience of over 30 years within the technology arena, working day and night to create this app. With the help of their brilliant employees, they were able to build their empire from scratch. Now whether it’s a salon, gym or a trip to your dentist with EasyBooking, you can just book your appointment at the tip of your finger.

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